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Oudachi Furled Line (Nymphing Line)

Oudachi Furled Line (Nymphing Line)

The Oudachi is a nymphing line that helps you get your fly down deep where the fish are and it easily turns over most flies, even large flies (up to the size of streamers) at long line lengths. It does this with a furled fluorocarbon tip section. It then has a HI-Vis Section about the fluorocarbon section so you can see where your line is and as also a great visual for depth control and strike indication. The rest of the furled line up to the rod tip connection is a plain grey color.

This is a very effective line for fishing rivers with deeper holes, larger rivers, lakes, ponds, and anywhere you want to get deep fast. Having said that, it is still very effective in small streams.

It is also the best line for casting heavy flies that don’t cast well on other lines but still works great with weightless kabari flies.
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