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Warranty and Returns



*Tenkara rods are inspected for defects before shipping to the consumer to ensure quality.*


Dragontail Tenkara


You have 20 days from the receipt in which you can return the UN-USED rod if you are not satisfied with what you received, the rod must be in “as-new” condition. Rods returned with in the 20 day period in “as-new” condition will receive a full refund minus shipping costs. You must contact us before you can return your rod.

DRAGONtail Tenkara rods stand up to the abuse of the bending and stress of catching fish but if handled by the angler improperly they can break, especially the tip sections. Always treat your Tenkara rod with care and it should last for a very long time. Having said that, accidents do happen and we have replacement parts available.


Rod Warranty

All DRAGONtail Tenkara rods have a ONE-TIME rod replacement with the pricing below:

Talon Rod - $56
Shadowfire Rod (360 or 365 model) - $68
KOMODO Rod - $72
HYDRA zx390 Rod - $77
HELLbender Rod - $80
NIRVANA 370z Rod - $95
NIRVANA 400 Rod - $95
Mizuchi Rod - $81


This rod replacement is for the whole rod only, does not include the rod tube or other extras. You must have your purchase receipt for this warranty option and must ship us back the defective rod with shipping at your own expense.  We will send you a new rod when we have received the defective rod, since it is a warranty replacement we will cover the shipping cost of the new rod replacement.

Rod Repair:


If you do break a section of your DRAGONtail Tenkara rod you can purchase the specific replacement sections, have them shipped to you at your expense, and easily replace the broken section yourself. To replace a section, just open the butt cap slide out the section that is broken, slide in the replacement section and close the butt cap.





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