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Futsu Kebari Combo 24 Tenkara Fly Pack

Futsu Kebari Combo 24 Tenkara Fly Pack


Tied on a high quality size #14 Moonlit Competition Barbless hook.

FREE Plastic Fly Box (as pictured).


You get 24 various Futsu Kebari (stiff hackle tenkara flies). You get 4 different flies, 6 of each fly pattern. This is great for those just getting into Tenkara to get a variety of flies to try, especially if you don’t want to tie your own flies.


Futsu Kebari use stiff hackle similar to dry flies so they can be fished on the surface like a dry fly or subsurface as a stiff hackle wetfly. Futsu kebari are very common among tenkara anglers in Japan.

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