Zen Kyojin Rod Specs:


    • Closed Length : ​28 inches

      ​Open Length: 12 foot

      Rod Weight: 6 1/8 oz

      Case Length: 32 inches

      Weight with Case: 14 oz

      Flex: 8:2


Zen Kyojin

Our Kyojin rod or "huge" rod is perfect for the extreme angler. The rod is 12' long to give you the tenkrara advantage of the long rod and the 8:2 flex has the backbone to bring in larger fish. We have increased the handle length to 40cm to give you the leverage when casting or fighting the fish. All Zen rods come with a 1 year "no worries guaranty" which will replace any broken parts for free.  After one year replacement parts are only $10 with shipping included. So go ahead and see what you can hook up  with, I dare ya!




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