Wide Foam Tenkara Line Holders (2 Pack)

Wide Foam Tenkara Line Holders (2 Pack)

Tenkara Line holder

These EVA foam Tenkara line holder wheels are great for storing all tenkara lines or pre-rigging it ready to go so all you have to do is unwind the line and connect it to your rod. Because the wheel is made of EVA foam you can hook your fly anywhere on the wheel to hold it snug in place. You can also cut slits in the side walls to hook your line through to hold securely. Since they are inexpensive, I like to also write on the side of the foam wheel with a fine-point sharpie marker what the line is so I can keep all my Tenkara lines straight.

The Tenkara line holders are 2.76 inches wide and 11/16 inches thick making them perfect for all your line types, even PVC floating line. The groove is deep enough to even fit the longest thickest Tenkara lines with ease.
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    Fly fishing tenkara line holder foam spool

    Materials: EVA foam
    Colors: Wooden-optic
    Size: Dia. 7cm