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Nirvana 400 - Premium Rod

Nirvana 400 - Premium Rod

C$368.00 Regular Price
C$245.00Sale Price

Fishing Lengths: 13 ft 1 in (399cm)
Collapsed Length: 24 in
Handle Length: 10.5 in
Sections: 8
Weight: 93 grams
CCS/RFI: 19.5 pennies/4.9
Rotational Moment: 6.8

  • Nirvana 400

    The NIRVANA 400 Tenkara rod is made for American streams and rivers with a smooth cast and good backbone. This rod will be fun whether you are catching small mountain trout, blue gills, or good sized river trout. With it’s long length and strength you will be able to fight larger trout in the 20 inch range or take on a good sized bass. The rod is made to cast both Level Line and Tapered Line very well with a smooth casting action. This is no entry level rod, it is a high end series rod that also looks fantastic with graphics that are made to stand out.


    WOWing Graphics and Aesthetics !
    We spent a lot of time and money in developing the graphics and aesthetics of this rod to make sure it looked as good as it performed, in other words we did not skimp on any of it. From the graphics to the butt cap, handle, and winding check, it all looks great. When you hold this next to any other rod it is going to stand out in a good way. This may not affect how well you fish but you will enjoy fishing a fantastic looking rod.

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