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Kaida zx320 Tenkara Pack Rod

Kaida zx320 Tenkara Pack Rod

  • Short Collapsed Length that will fit in a common backpack, motorcycle compartments, small enough to strap on bike frames, or fit in your airplane carry on bag. Small enough you can easily bring it with you anywhere you go.
  • Multi-Length Zoom Rod so you fish it fully extended in open casting areas or zoom it down one length when casting area is overgrown and tight. It casts awesome in both lengths. 
  • Medium-Soft Action With A Hint Of Fiberglass. Most tenkara pack rods are stiff due to so many sections, so we added just the right amount of glass in certain sections to make our pack rod cast like a dream.
  • Light Weight so you can cast it all day with very little fatigue and save weight in your ultra-light backpack. 
  • IT IS FUN! We have taken this rod to a few fly fishing expos and everyone just loves casting it. Although it will handle a decent sized fish, it is just the right action to make the little mountain trout plenty of fun to catch. 
  • Details

    Shadowfire365 Rod Specs:
    • Rod length: 368 cm (about 12 feet) Soft 6:4 action

    Rod weight: about 2.9 oz

    CCS/RFI: 20 pennies/ 5.4 High quality carbon fiber (IM10)

    Collapsed rod length: 23.25 inches

    Handle length: 10.25 inches 8 segments Swivel Tip Lillian (by popular demand)

    Universal & Regular Tip Cap included Matte Black finish (except logo section is gloss finish)

    Hard Storage Tube: 24.75 inches Brand: DRAGONtail Tenkara

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