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Dragontail HELLbender Zoom Rod

Dragontail HELLbender Zoom Rod

13ft – 11ft (390cm – 340cm) 7:3 action zoom rod (Dragontail's premium big fish rod)

This rod has great balance for a big fish rod and a strong action for controlling fish.

Made with a higher grade of Carbon Fiber than most rods near its price range.
To see a full review of this Rod go to the link below.
  • Details

    HELLbender Rod Specs:

    Zoom Rod lengths: 13ft-11.3ft (390cm-340cm)
    7:3 action
    Rod weight: about 3.4 oz
    Anti-tangle swivel tip
    High quality carbon fiber IM12
    Collapsed rod length: 24 inches
    Handle length: 12.25 inches
    8 segments
    Matte Black finish
    Hard Storage Tube: 26 inches
    Brand: DRAGONtail Tenkara
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