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DRAGONtail Damo Tenkara Net 30cm

DRAGONtail Damo Tenkara Net 30cm

C$75.00 Regular Price
C$50.00Sale Price

DAMO nets are very common in Japan and are a great choice for streams and small river fishing commonly done with Tenkara. Our DRAGONtail DAMO Tenkara net comes with a lanyard that is connected to the handle just below the net hoop so it does not get tangled in your wading belt. The Lanyard stretches long enough for you to fully extend your arm.


The smooth pointy handle easily slides in and out of your wading belt for easy use. The handle grip shape is wide and fills your hand for a very comfortable grip that is easy to hold and scoop fish. Our handle is longer than many damo net handles found in Japan but Americans are commonly taller and this long handle comes in quite handy when reaching to scoop up a fish. The hoop slightly bends down from the handle for easier scooping and keeping the net away from the body when in your wading belt.

The hoop of the net is 30cm, which is about 12 inches wide. This size is big enough to hold a decent size fish. The net shape is a bucket shape making it easy to access the fish to remove hook with less tangling.


Our DAMO net design is based off of the basic design we have seen in many different damo nets seen in Asian countries from companies like Shimizu, Shimano, Shimano, Alpha Big, Daiwa, Toure, Shoei, and Gamakatsu. Our DAMO Tenkara net has some changes from what is traditionally used among Asian damo net styles to better fit most American’s needs such as a longer handle and a thicker grip shape…


Weighs about 8 ounces.

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